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Your source for DIY Leather, Paracord and KYDEX® sheet Projects

Ever wished you had a sheath that was custom made for your knife? You can make it yourself, at home with very little equiptment and a little bit of free time. We are lucky that we have both conventional and modern materials availible to use for our projects, and this site strives to help you get started, or learn something new. Before this website, there really hadn't been a definitive source to go to with indepth information. Enjoy!

Projects / Step by Step Walkthrough

IWB Shirt Tuckable 1911 Extra Magazine Holster in Kydex
This is a project to make a shirt tuckable holster that follows the same construction directions as the original 1911 mag holster
tags • iwb • handgun • 1911 • holster • kydex • shaping
Sheath for a folding knife stored open
This is an account of how I made a sheath for a folder that keeps it in the open position to hang on your neck or attach to a backpack strap.
tags • sheath • folding • knife • kydex • spyderco
Duracoat firearm finish on Knife scales and clip
Over a year ago I put Duracoat on my EDC knife, and it has held up very well through all the wear
tags • duracoat • knife • scales • paint
Forming Kydex Belt Loops
There comes a time in every project where you have to form some sort of mounting system. Here is the way that I have found works the best.
tags • kydex • shaping • belt • loop • heatgun
1911 Magazine Holster
This is a project on how to make a holster for a handgun magazine
tags • handgun • holster • magazine • kydex • shaping • project
Kydex Leatherman Sheath for your Belt
This project covers the design and construction of a small belt holster for your leatherman.
tags • leatherman • sheath • belt • project • kydex


Products - Help support Project X Design!

Spare battery carriers for AA, AAA CR-123A
Spare battery cases that you can put on a keychain or lanyard
tags • keychain • battery • kydex
Mini Lanyard for Knives, Flashlights and other tools
Quickly locate a knife or other tool in your pockets with these lanyards
tags • lanyard • paracord • fob • edc
The Retainer - Keep important items close at hand, and secure
Every lost something because it fell out of your pocket? With the Retainer, it won't go far!
tags • retainer • edc • lanyard • paracord • belt
Haramaki - Protection from your gear and IWB carry
A must have for anyone who carries concealed.
tags • haramaki • iwb • carry • edc • handgun
The Key-Leash Defender II
Improved self defense key-chain
tags • personal • defense • key • leash • defender • lanyard • paracord
The Key-Leash Defender
Personal defense has never been this Under the Radar
tags • personal • defense • key • leash • defender • lanyard • paracord



How to Select Leather for your Project
Selecting leather can seem like a difficult thing when you are first starting in leather craft. For many of us, simply getting a pre-cut piece like a belt blank will be a very good option....
tags • select • leather • choose • leather • leather • thickness • leatherwork • basics • leather • projects • leathercraft
How to Case Leather - Prepare leather for Stamping and Tooling
Casing leather is very important so that you can tool it properly. Without doing this, your tools will literally bounce off it, and not hold their imprint.
tags • case • leather • how • to • article • wet • leather • for • stamping • prepare • leather • for • tooling • tooling • leather • stamping • leather • leatherwork
A Beginers guide to shaping and molding kydex
Want to make a Knife sheath or holster? Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is a good primer on the details of working with Kydex the DIY style
tags • beginner • kydex • shaping • molding • supplies
Cutting Kydex - different methods detailed and discussed
We go from the cheapest way to the most dangerous, and cover most of the methods in between in this article.
tags • cutting • shaping • kydex • dremel • bandsaw
Finish Sanding - Making your kydex project look professional
Sanding has always been my least favorite step, but it is here where you can really bring the project up to the next level.
tags • sanding • finishing • shaping • films • kydex
Chicago Screws - an alternative to Eyelets
Chicago Screws are typically used when you are using a large belt clip, There is then enough girth for them to get through.
tags • chicago • screws • eyelets